Leadercast Shift focuses on modern lessons in leadership shared by thought leaders who have experienced disruptions in their businesses, and how they have “shifted” and made their organizations and countless lives better as a result.

You and your team will have the opportunity to learn about important topics and actionable ideas that are directly applicable to your role and current projects, such as:

• Leading through Change and Uncertainty

• Conscious Leadership

• Motivation

• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

• Building a Life of Purpose, Passion and Impact

• Entrepreneurial Thinking and Paths to Success

The live portion of the event starts at 12 midday with author and founder of Lifestyle Prescriptions University, Johannes Fisslinger as he helps us to understand the new shifts needed in health care; followed by author and educator Bridget Samuel Charles who'll be engaging us in a discussion on the shifts necessary in our education system.

Your registration gives you access to a powerful, complimentary business seminar hosted by Roy Cotton, Jr. and Dr. Erna Mae Francis Cotton on April 2nd featuring H.E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas and H.E. Ambassador Dr. Sherrie Walton.

The complimentary registration information may be found here:

Order Your Digital Recording of Victorious Living Leadership Summit 2020

What if we can flip the script and create positive disruption in the midst of the chaos and challenges? What if you could emerge stronger and more resilient at the end of 2020 and into 2021? Learn from these powerful speakers. Order your digital video or audio recordings today!

"I must express my gratitude to this year's Leadercast. It was soo on target. This is what we needed to prepare us for the reopening of our island. As we have had time to reflect or are still reflecting on the information and encouragement shared, today was on the button. Whatever we do must be a community effort. Trust yourself, plan, do a SWOT and go for it!"

-Leadercast Victorious Living SXM virtual attendee 2020,

Educator/Manager Clara Curiel, May 7th, 2020

VLF 2020 Leadership Summit was Wonderful!!! Great job in selecting the Speakers. Every presenter, both days were awesome! All had very relevant and extremely important information to share. I would say that VLF covered pretty much every aspect in this summit: Society, Government, Economy, Education, Family (foundation of society), Individual-The Total Man (Body, Soul and Spirit), Finances, Personal Development, Career Development, Community Development, Developing or Improving Leadership Skills.

It personally gave me the courage to start breaking certain barriers in my life. I can only speak for myself, and perhaps other attendees may feel the same, this summit provided a wealth of information; there was soo much to take away, and encouragement. From beginning to end it was great!! I would highly recommend this summit to others.

-Kirsy C. Richardson, CEO, Kingdom Realty & Property Management, October 21, 2020

Transform your life in personal development, wellness, leadership and more...

"Leadercast 2020 was exceptional. I have heard of this prestigious conference before and decided to participate this year. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The presenters were dynamic, the information was practical, current and very useful. Every presenter was impressive and the nuggets received were invaluable. My favourites are Andy Stanley, Richard Montanez and Magic Johnson. I recommend that all and sundry become part of the Leadercast family."

-Oswald Francis, Educator of 54 years and forthcoming author of In Emilio Wilson Park with Uncle Joe.

Position yourself to win! Enroll in VLF E-Learning Academy

Position yourself to win! Enroll in VLF E-Learning Academy

In our current economic climate, now more than ever we must position ourselves to win and to have the cutting edge advantage in the work force or in business. Therefore, it is critical that we upgrade ourselves to effectively execute our goals and fulfill our visions. For this reason, and to minimize the spread of Covid-19, Victorious Living has officially launched VLF's E-Learning Academy. Click this link to see a list of our course offerings. 

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Are you easily angered and frustrated?
Learn how to manage your emotions; effectively communicate and more... by enrolling in VLF's E-Learning Academy.

Position Yourself to Win. Enroll in VLF's E-Learning Academy Today!

Position Yourself to Win. Enroll in VLF's E-Learning Academy Today!

Andy Stanley A Leadercast Favourite Shares Why Leadercast 2020 Is A Must!

Returning to the Leadercast Live stage, Andy brings anecdotal insights on life and leadership for attendees. He is the founder and senior pastor of North Point Ministries and has authored more than 20 books.

Chinwe Esimai, Managing Director, Chief Anti Bribery & Corruption, Citigroup

Positive Disruption- The Theme of VLF's Leadership Summit. Be inspired by Chinwe Esimai on October 9th, as we explore how to positively disrupt our society as it pertains to accepting and tolerating corruption; & building integrity & accountability into our financial, business and political systems!

Dr. John Beiter Shares how to Increase Positivity in the Workplace at VLF Leadership Summit 2020- Day 2

Register for VLF's Leadership Summit 2020 & Be inspired by Dr. John Beiter. Learn how to create better teams in your business, organization, school or family!

VLF Leadership Summit Highlights
VLF Leadership Summit Highlights
Register now for VLF's Leadership Summit while space lasts!

Register now for VLF's Leadership Summit while space lasts!

VLF Leadership Summit participants 2018: Get Ready for 2019

VLF Leadership Summit participants 2018: Get Ready for 2019

Register NOW for VLF's Leadership Summit 2019 WHILE SPACE LASTS!

Register NOW for VLF's Leadership Summit 2019 WHILE SPACE LASTS!


Learn how to succeed in school, work and life with Dr. Caroline Leaf, day 1 of VLF's Leadership Summit through Leadercast Live from Atlanta.

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